The Sissy Village All Suite Hotel is an upscale Business & Pleasure Hotel serving as your gateway to the NSA SOUDA BAY, MARATHI PIER, AIRPORT, 115 GREEK AIR BASE, the TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF CRETE, and the NATIONAL SHOOTING CLUB. Conveniently located 6.3 from Down Town Hania, 12 km from NSA Souda Bay, 9 km from the Airport, 12 km from Marathi Pier, 6 km from 115 Greek Air Base, 1 km from the Technical University of Crete and 4 km from the National Shooting Club.

During your stay at the Sissy Village All Suite Hotel you can visit the most popular nearby Sightseeing Places such as the Graves of Venizelos and the Chapel of Profet Elias, walking at these sights is an experience you can take in the amazing view and you may indulge in some of the fabulous coffee places with the most amazing City View of Hania: Ostria, Koukouvagia, and Nymfes.
Visit the Monastery of Agia Triada, buy the locally made Wine of the monastery, visit the little museum, enjoy the atmosphere and continue on to Gouvernetos Monastery, while driving through the wild beauty’s landscape which characterizes Crete.

When you arrive take a deep breath of fresh air, admire the view of the Sea, and visit the Monastery. Hike the path all the way down to the Cave, go further down where passing through the deserted Monastery of Saint John the Hermit and end up at the sea, where you can admire the little bay, dip in the clean water, Relax and Think.

Take advantage of the opportunity to learn more about the flora and fauna of Crete with a visit at the Park for the Preservation of Flora and Fauna, which is close to the Graves of Venizelos.
During the Summer, Spring and Autumn Season you can enjoy the Sun, the Sea, the Tavernas and the life of the local sandy beaches which are: Kalathas, Tersanas, Stavros, Marathi, and Loutraki. For the naturalist or less cosmpopolitans try Mahairida and Stefanou or (Seitan Limania).

old town

If you love Movies, Bowling or you travel with Family don’t forget to visit the Mega Place Entertainment Park!
Within walking distance or very close by the car from our Hotel you can also find Restaurants & Tavernas of good quality.

Within walking distance from our hotel you can also find, Sandwich & Coffee Places, Bakeries Pharmacies, Pastry Stores, Banks, Convenient Stores, Hardware Stores, DVD Stores, Postal Service Electronic- Cell Phone Stores, VET, Clothing Stores, Super Markets, Groceries, Garden Store, Gaz Stations, Lottery, Beauty Sallons, HairStylers, Optical, Cosmetics, Marsall Arts etc.

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